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  • 1231 Dunn Street

    Located at 1231 Dunn Street this raised basement design allows for larger windows and more usable space in the basement. Introduction: January 2023 Lighted Buildings Measurements: 7.5in H x 5.6in W x...
  • Quick View 4656 Brentwood  - Country N More Gifts 4656 Brentwood  - Country N More Gifts
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    4656 Brentwood

    Found in one of the city's more upscale neighborhoods, the "Brentwood" is a two story turreted brownstone that is home to one of the city's leading families. Introduction: January 2022 Lighted...
  • A Christmas Carol Full SET

    Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Christmas Carol” Series consists of 8 of your favorite Christmas Carol pieces. A $837.50 value for $753.75 - Plus Free Shipping!...
  • Quick View Aunt Bethany's House  - Country N More Gifts Aunt Bethany's House  - Country N More Gifts
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    Aunt Bethany's House

    Aunt Bethany has become a fan-favorite character from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s no surprise that her house matches Aunt Bethany’s eclectic and colorful personality. Introduction: January 2019 Lighted Buildings 8.07...
  • Quick View Battersea The Dogs' Home  - Country N More Gifts Battersea The Dogs' Home  - Country N More Gifts
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    Battersea The Dogs' Home

    Battersea has been looking after abandoned and unwanted animals since 1860 and is based in South West London. Each year they care for over 7,000 dogs and cats. It is...
  • Quick View Bea's Beehive Salon  - Country N More Gifts Bea's Beehive Salon  - Country N More Gifts
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    Bea's Beehive Salon

    Created in the early 1960s, the beehive hairstyle is still a popular "do" at Bea's Beehive Salon." Peek in the front window to see ladies relaxing beneath the classic hooded...
  • Borgin and Burkes

    Department 56 The Three Broomsticks Item 6006510. New for 2020. From Harry Potter Village Lit Buildings & Accessories at - Adjacent to Diagon Alley, sits Knockturn Alley, where the dark side of wizardries and magic are...
  • Brandon Mill

    Brandon Mill - 4025255 - From Department 56 Dickens Village Lit Buildings & Accessories Collection From CountryNMoreGifts. Part of the Dickens' Village Series from Department 56. Victorian England, where many...
  • Quick View Brite Lites Holiday House  - Country N More Gifts Brite Lites Holiday House  - Country N More Gifts
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    Brite Lites Holiday House

    Charming brick bungalow is decked for the holidays, and is the newest home on Christmas Lane. Featuring bright multi-colored lights, flocked trees, and “Seasons Greetings” flashing sign on the roof...
  • Quick View Cackling Crow Caravan  - Country N More Gifts Cackling Crow Caravan  - Country N More Gifts
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    Cackling Crow Caravan

    Delappitated and unkept, this trailer has been parked a little too long! The old hag who owns this trailer is most happy on Halloween when it seems to be a...
  • Celia's Cellar

    Department 56 Celia's Cellar Item 6005477. New for 2020. From Snow Village Halloween Series Lit Buildings & Accessories at -  In Witch Hallow, Celia runs the wine cellar, with the expertise that only an older witch can....
  • Quick View Chelsea On the Thames Pub  - Country N More Gifts Chelsea On the Thames Pub  - Country N More Gifts
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    Chelsea On the Thames Pub

    This friendly drinking establishment is located just on the edge of the Thames River where the outside steps lead down to the water. It is a local gathering place for...
  • Christmas At Grandmas

    This new piece captures that special feeling of nostalgia from Christmas at Grandma's. The outside is cheerfully trimmed with sisal garland and wreaths with large red bows. Light spills out...
  • Christmas Carol Cemetery

    Christmas Carol Cemetery - 6000601 - From Department 56 Dickens Village Lit Buildings & Accessories Collection From CountryNMoreGifts.We are so excited to incorporate the glowing Ghost of Christmas Yet to...
  • Christmas Carol Cornhill Shops

    Housed in Cornhill Shoppes is a high-end custom Milliner and William & Son Bespoke Tailer. The word bespoke means that each garment is made from a custom pattern and assures that the...
  • Christmas Quilts

    This cozy A-Frame is home to the North Pole "Christmas Quilts" shop. Inside elves are cutting and stitching some of the most beautiful Christmas quilts that will be used to...
  • Christmas Quilts Value Set of 3

    2022 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “North Pole” Series consists of “Christmas Quilts," “Every Quilt Tested“ and “Gingerbread Christmas Sleigh” to compliment your display. A $224.00...
  • Christmas Town House

    When Jack tumbles into Christmas Town he is amazed at everything he sees, and loves the colors of the Christmas Town House all decorated with candy and treats and covered...
  • Quick View Chuck's Sporting Goods  - Country N More Gifts Chuck's Sporting Goods  - Country N More Gifts
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    Chuck's Sporting Goods

    Ever wonder where the infamous football that Lucy pulls out as good ol' Charlie Brown was purchased? Why, it came from "Chuck's Sporting Goods" where you can buy equipment for...
  • Cindy-Lou Who's House

    The Grinch Series, by Department 56 - a collection based on Dr. Seuss's wacky and wonderful classic picture book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Cindy-Lou Who's House, one of the...
  • City Hall

    At the heart of every city is the seat of government, the City Hall. With four impressive pillars sheltering the massive entry doors, this large structure is topped with a...
  • Cleveland Elementary School

    Inspired by the Cleveland Elementary School in the Warner Bros. movie "A Christmas Story". Hand painted porcelain, with light cord. Lighted Buildings 6.97 in H 805029 Cleveland Elementary SchoolUPC: 734409499706
  • Quick View Cotswold Greengrocer  - Country N More Gifts Cotswold Greengrocer  - Country N More Gifts
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    Cotswold Greengrocer

    The Cotswold's is a beautiful rural area west and south of London filled with rolling hills and quaint architecture. The greengrocer is a British and Australian term used to describe...
  • Quick View Cousin Eddie's RV  - Country N More Gifts
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    Cousin Eddie's RV

    Cousin Eddie should really run his travel trailer through the local car wash before he pulls up in front of cousin Clark's house!  Lighted Buildings    Measurements of Product 3.54 in...
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The Sweetest Gift

Bought this from Country n More Gifts, for my daughter. It arrived as described on their website, brand new in the box. Great purchase

Viva l'Italia - Italian Gnome
MARY ANNE MILAK (North Las Vegas, US)
Looks like Christmas but a year-round treasure.

An Italian gnome--what's not to love? From his cheerful colors to his coliseum hat, this little guy will put a smile on your face. No one does color and detail like Jim Shore. This gnome will have pride of place on my hutch next to Shore's Italian Santa this holiday season, but long after Christmas is put away, he will be my "gnome on the shelf" reminding me to celebrate friends and family with a glass of wine.


Love this Jim Shore snowman. Will enjoy it it in years to come!

Ghostbusters Library
Jy (Wyandotte, US)

The lights in windows are all one color.
Being one color it doesn’t let the ghost in middle window stand out. Kinda hard to even tell there’s anything in the window.
Building is beautiful! Just was hoping lights in windows were not all same color purple/pink not as seen as 2 different colors in ads.

Fast Friends
G.H. (San Francisco, US)
Fast Friends

I loved this accessory to my Dickens Village. It was received in perfect condition and can't wait to put it on display. I have a barn and purchased cows one year. This will fit right in.