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  • 2019 Set of 5 - Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat - All new items

    This Cat in the Hat series from Jim Shore features all 5 'New for 2019' of the beloved characters from the iconic children’s book. Whimsically decorated with folk-art designs, these 5...
  • Cindy Holding Ball Ornament

    Introduction: January 2019 Hanging Ornament 4.53 in H Measurements of Product 4.53 in H x 1.57 in W x 1.77 in L
  • Cindy Lou - Cindy Lou With Candy Cane Ornament

    Cindy Lou Who can’t help but see the good in everyone, even the Grinch. Bring a piece of that pure-hearted love home with this sweet-as-candy figurine. The handcrafted design is...
  • Grinch - Grinch Dressed As Santa Ornament

    Looks like the Grinch isn’t feeling so grinchy anymore! This handcrafted ornament features the wily character holding a carefully wrapped present. The 4.5” design is sculpted from high-quality stone resin...
  • Grinch And Cindy Lou - Grinch Holding Cindy Ornament

    Cindy Lou sees the good in the Grinch and helps him see it in himself. This heartwarming ornament shows the Grinch holding his new friend, both smiling with Christmas cheer....
  • Grinch as Santa - Grinch With Santa Scene

    A devious smile crosses the Grinch’s face as he plots his Christmas takedown. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, this 11” figurine is hand-carved with one of the film’s most iconic...
  • Grinch Climbing in Chimney

    Introduction: January 2019 Figurine 8.98 in H Measurements of Product 8.98 in H x 4.33 in W x 4.92 in L
  • Grinch Holding Present Orn

    Introduction: January 2019 Hanging Ornament 4.92 in H Measurements of Product 4.92 in H x 1.89 in W x 2.09 in L
  • Grinch Holding Tree

    Introduction: January 2019 Hanging Ornament 4.92 in H Measurements of Product 4.92 in H x 1.57 in W x 3.54 in L
  • Grinch On Sleigh

    The Grinch blows a horn in gleeful victory, standing atop his sleigh full of stolen Christmas presents and trees. Ever loyal Max plays the role of reindeer. The lively scene...
  • Grinch Statue With Arms Folded

    Introduction: January 2019 Statue 20 in H Measurements of Product 20 in H x 6.25 in W x 8.25 in L
  • Grinch Stealing Tree

    Jim Shore captures the colorful personality of the Grinch in this handcrafted design, while adding his own distinctive folk art details. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, the 8” figurine features...
  • Grinch Tip Toeing

    Introduction: January 2019 Figurine 7.68 in H Measurements of Product 7.68 in H x 2.95 in W x 5.51 in L
  • Grinch With Big Heart

    Introduction: January 2019 Figurine 8.86 in H Measurements of Product 8.86 in H x 2.76 in W x 3.54 in L
  • Grinch With Cindy And Max

    Introduction: January 2019 Figurine 7.09 in H Measurements of Product 7.09 in H x 3.03 in W x 3.94 in L
  • Grinch With Clasped Hands

    Introduction: January 2019 Figurine 10.35 in H Measurements of Product 10.35 in H x 3.35 in W x 3.94 in L
  • Grinch With Hands On Hips

    He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch! The Grinch appears to be hatching a devious plan in this handcrafted design by Jim Shore. Sculpted from stone resin, the 6” figurine shows...
  • Grinch With Naughty And Nice Spinner Sign - Grinch with Naughty Nice Sign

    Are you feeling naughty or nice? This interactive ornament lets you spin the sign to declare your mood of the day. A perfect capture of Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, the handcrafted...
  • Horton Hears A Who

    Horton Hears a Who in this heartwarming scene from the classic children’s tale. Beautifully decorated with quilt patterns and floral motifs this unique design captures the magical world of Dr....
  • Max - Max With Santa hat

    Full of love and devotion, Max embodies the true spirit of Christmas and sees right through the Grinch’s cranky exterior. This handcrafted design by Jim Shore captures the pup’s winsome...
  • Stacked How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Stacked Grinch Characters

    Jim Shore brings his signature folk art style to the Dr. Seuss classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in this handcrafted design. Colorful quilt patterns and rosemaling decorate the stacked...
  • The Cat in the Hat

    This beguiling Cat in the Hat stands tall in an innocent pose, disguising the mischief hiding beneath. Colorfully decorated and handcrafted in delightful detail, this fanciful feline combines the magic...
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treats for nanny goat

As ordered

Very endearing!

I have been wwaiting a long time for this to appear. I have her companion and this one is just as lovely. Jim Shore has no flaws in his pieces. The coloring, the detaieling, and the styling is all beautiful and the angel's expression is endearing. Shipping was great and arrived timely. This store made me estate when I saw this angel being available. I thought it was gone for good. Thank you for making this available.

Excellent service and shipping was quick. Will definitely order from you again!


The Toruń is cute!!