Discover What's New for 2024: Department 56 Village Houses and Accessories!

Explore the latest additions to our collection of village houses and accessories for 2024, featuring exciting new releases from popular series like Snow Village, Dickens Village, Christmas In the City, North Pole Village, and Halloween Village. Experience the magic of your favorite TV shows and movies with our new Hot Properties Village, featuring iconic locations and characters from Harry PotterSchitt's Creek, Beetlejuice, Elvira, Hocus Pocus, and more

Start Your Collection Today! Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of holiday villages, there's never been a better time to start or expand your collection. Discover what's new for 2024 and create a holiday display that reflects your unique style and holiday traditions.


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  • Who-Lectric Xmas Light Repair

    So important are the lights that light up Who-Ville day and night that light repair is in demand to check each light on every strand. Lighted Buildings 7in H
  • Grinch's Santy Suit Shoppe

    Each year, as the holiday season approaches, Santa's anticipation grows not from his heart, which is three sizes too big, but from the inevitable changes in his physique. With a...
  • 2024 Village Brochure

    Brochure features all NEW items for 2024 + plus all active and current village items.
  • Who Lightbulb Tester

    It's often discussed that the Who with most trust is the one who bulb checks when bulb-checking's a must. Village Figures 3in H
  • Being Fitted for a Santy Suit

    Being fitted for a Santy Suit from Department 56 is more than just a fitting—it's a cherished tradition that signals the arrival of the holiday season. From the bustling workshop...
  • Amok! Amok! Amok!

    The Sanderson sisters are out of control as they plot to suck the lives out of children before sunrise. Village Figures 3.78in H
  • Clark, Don't Provoke Them!

    “Clark, don't provoke them!” – sage words from a worried wife as the family is instigated by a derelict truck and a driver with road rage issues. Village Figures 2.2in...
  • An Attic Of Christmas Memories

    As Clark waits for his family to return home and rescue him from the attic, he warms himself with a boxful of reels of Christmases past. Lights Up, Battery Operated...
  • Disney World Haunted Mansion

    The Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion is so hauntingly detailed you can almost feel yourself traversing the halls of specters from within your doom buggy. Always beware of hitchhikers, but...
  • Grinch Streetlights, st/2

    Streetlights in stripes cast a welcoming light across all of Who-Ville this wintery night! Village Figures 3.75in H
  • Squirrel !!

    Chaos and laughter ensue when the squirrel hiding in the Griswold's Christmas tree tries to make a run for it. Village Figures 4in H
  • Properly Packaged, My Dear

    Properly wrapped then tippy-top stacked, the presents of Who-Ville spin glorious laps! Movement, Battery Operated 2-C Required Village Figures 8.7in H
  • The Sanderson Sister's Cottage

    Department 56 plans to put a spell on you when we celebrate the most infamous trio of diabolical witches – the Sanderson Sisters! Their immortal cat, Binx, keeps watch as...
  • Grinch Street Fence

    This side and that side a fence may declare, but over and under both sides are to share. Village Figures 2.13in H
  • Madame Leota, Manifested

    Welcome foolish mortals! Madame Leota conjures spirits but delivers on the fright factor herself from within her crystal ball. Village Figures 3.19in H
  • Silas Crump & His Dog, Bones

    This poor caretaker needs a raise! No amount of money can compensate the fright Silas and his dog, Bones, have endured at the Haunted Mansion. Lights Up, Battery Operated 2-C...
  • The Seekers S/2

    In their second year at Hogwarts, Seekers from the houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin compete to catch the snitch. Village Figures 4.53in H
  • Say It Three Times...

    Saying his name three times is all that is necessary for the “bio-exorcist”, Beetlejuice, to appear. Village Figures 4in H
  • Chinese Dragon Dance

    As joy spreads upon your face, you can understand why Dragon Dances are held at the start of every Lunar New Year to ward off evil spirits. We hope this...
  • The Quidditch Pitch

    Hogwarts was lucky to have its own Quidditch Pitch where house teams could try out, practice, and compete against each other to hone their skills in advance of the Quidditch...
  • Inflatus! - Limited Edition

    We've captured the memorable moment when Harry accidentally uses the inflating charm on his Aunt Marjorie. LYOP 2024 Village Figures 6.5in H
  • No. 4 Privet Drive - Limited Edition

    After the untimely death of his parents, Harry Potter is sent to live with the Dursley's – his aunt, uncle, and cousin – who reside at 4 Privet Drive in...
  • Sprinkled With Love

    Any exceptional home baker will tell you the secret ingredient behind their favorite recipes is love. Village Figures 2in H
  • Spiritual Guidance

    Whether visiting or checking in, you'll encounter a duo of spirits at the gate who will solemnly guide you to your resting place. Lights Up, Battery Operated 2-C Required Village...
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Cats Love Shiny Things
Rob Schuler (Pasco, US)
Wife Loves

It took forever to get here. Ordered before Christmas and it was not in stock. Had to wait for the manufacturer to send more. It got here in Feb. The Countrynmore gifts did warn me. I guess it worked out though I gave it as Valentines instead of Christmas. She loved it so it all worked out!

Cute As A Bug - Ladybug Gnome
M.S. (Brookston, US)
Cute as a bug it was!

I am really enjoying the Cute As A Bug Ladybug Gnome. It is the perfect size and is sitting my kitchen window.

Rainbow Bridge Photo Frame
G.W. (Le Center, US)
Rainbow Bridge frame

This is so meaningful and our picture of our beloved Boston Terrier whom we lost in October will be just right.

Peppermint Tea Shop
Terry Archer (Abilene, US)
Peppermint Tea Shop

The Peppermint Tea Shop is an adorable piece and will be a great addition to my North Pole collection. Country N More is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend! Fast shipping and fantastic communication!

Display Anywhere Lighting Retrofit Unit
Dorothy Meyers (Sherman, US)

It was so easy to find what I needed for my Dickens Village lighting supplies, and reasonable too.
Highly recommend