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  • 1231 Dunn Street

    Located at 1231 Dunn Street this raised basement design allows for larger windows and more usable space in the basement. Introduction: January 2023 Lighted Buildings Measurements: 7.5in H x 5.6in W x...
  • Quick View 2019 Midyear Brochure  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -35%

    2019 Midyear Brochure

  • 2022 Christmas In The City Full Value Set of 15

    2022 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Christmas In The City” Series consists of all of the new houses, coordinating accessories, and general accessories to compliment your display. A $1091.00...
  • Quick View 2022 Dickens Village Full Value SET  - Country N More Gifts 2022 Dickens Village Full Value SET  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -10%

    2022 Dickens Village Full Value SET

    2022 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Dickens Village” Series consists of all New for 2022 buildings and accessories. Also Included are New for 2022 General accessories to...
  • 2023 Village Brochure

    Brochure features all NEW items plus all active items.
  • Quick View 4656 Brentwood  - Country N More Gifts 4656 Brentwood  - Country N More Gifts
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    4656 Brentwood

    Found in one of the city's more upscale neighborhoods, the "Brentwood" is a two story turreted brownstone that is home to one of the city's leading families. Introduction: January 2022 Lighted...
  • 4656 Brentwood Set of 3

    2022 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Christmas In The City” Series consists of “4656 Brentwood,“ “A Woman's Best Friend,“ and “Sorry? Not...” to compliment your display. A $192.00...
  • A Christmas Carol Full SET

    Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Christmas Carol” Series consists of 8 of your favorite Christmas Carol pieces. A $837.50 value for $753.75 - Plus Free Shipping!...
  • A Christmas Carol Visit

    A Christmas Carol Visit - 56.58542 - From Department 56 Dickens Village Lit Buildings & Accessories Collection From CountryNMoreGifts. Humbug! Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present,...
  • Quick View A Christmas Honeymoon  - Country N More Gifts
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    A Christmas Honeymoon

    Perhaps this is John and Dot Peerybingle, the main characters in the Dickens' Christmas story, "Cricket on the Hearth." The couple is ready to spend their Honeymoon in the "Cricket's...
  • Quick View A Day on the Lake  - Country N More Gifts
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    A Day on the Lake

    Department 56 A Day on the Lake Item 6005464. New for 2020. From Snow Village Lit Buildings & Accessories at - Man hauls his sled with cooler out to the ice house to join his...
  • Quick View A Festive Christmas Gate  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -10%

    A Festive Christmas Gate

    After hosting the over-decorated house contest for 18 years, this year "Christmas Lane" will feature a beautiful gate announcing this special sub-divison. It will proudly stand at the entrance of...
  • A Jolly Happy Soul

    Use Department 56 Cross Product accessories to enhance your Village display. What is a snowy front yard without a snowman? Ceramic. 2.4in H x 1.4in W x 1.8in L Village...
  • A New Neighbor

    While his family just moved into 1231 Dunn Street, he is wasting no time to build a snow fort from the fresh fallen snow. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 1.65in H...
  • A Path Fit for a King

    Department 56 A Path Fit for a King - Item 6005409.  New for 2020.  From Dickens Village Lit Buildings and Accessories at - Gardner works hard to make sure everything is perfect, no matter...
  • A Perfect Gift For Snots

    Snots couldn't help himself to a fresh bucket of worms! Part of National Lampoon's A Christmas Vacation Snow Village Collection. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 1.25in H x 1.5in W x...
  • A Perfect Ten

    As we can see the elf has rated Santa's moves A Perfect 10 . This animated piece will tuck into small spaces on any Village display. Introduction: January 2023 Village Animated...
  • Quick View A Pretty Catrina Set 2  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -31%

    A Pretty Catrina Set 2

    With many styles to choose from, this pocita senorita imagines her Day of the Dead face painting. Introduction: 2022 Village Halloween Accessories Measurements of Product 1.88 in H x 1.1 in W...
  • A Puurfect Christmas Gift

    Holding a tiny kitten, this young girl knows that this is indeed A Purrect Christmas Gift! Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 2.64in H Measurements: 2.64in H x 1.38in W x 1.46in L...
  • A Trip To Who-Ville

    This little girl is ready to play outside The Grinch House and pretend her dog is Max. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 2.68in H x 1.81in W x 4.53in L Wt....
  • Quick View A True Cockney Couple  - Country N More Gifts
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    A True Cockney Couple

    Department 56 A True Cockney Couple - Item 6005404.  New for 2020.  From Dickens Village Lit Buildings and Accessories at Introduction: January 2020 Measurements of Product 2.4 in H x 1.18 in W x 1.89...
  • Quick View A Weekend Getaway  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -24%

    A Weekend Getaway

    We're not sure what she has packed, but Mrs. Elf seems prepared for any occasion while staying at the "Pine Cone B & B". Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures Measurements of...
  • Quick View A Woman's Best Friend  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -15%

    A Woman's Best Friend

    A tiny puppy tucked into her bag, this shopper takes her pooch everywhere with her. It doesn't matter is she is shopping or visiting friends. Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures Measurements...
  • AC DC Adapter

    56.55026AC DC AdapterUPC: 734409026797 DC output voltage is 2.5 volt output
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Fast Friends
Geraldine Hogan (Brentwood, US)
Fast Friends

From the ordering process to receiving the item, everything was easy. My item was received right on time and in perfect condition. I would definitely order from this seller again.

Jim Shore - Jack Statue

Much more than expected: colors are vibrant, very nice height, and there are actually 2 different Jack statues. (description just says figurine) One figurine is Halloween Jack and the other is Jack in his Santa suit.

Very nice

Jim Shore never disappoints, I’m so happy with this lovely Cardinal pairing.
They are a beautiful color and just the right size that they will fit anywhere.
Also I’m happy with the fast response and shipping was great!

Cackling Crow Caravan
Ashley Meyer (Lakeville, US)
Love it!!!

I love this piece! This is my first Halloween village building. This piece is a perfect example of why I love Dept 56 over the competitors. It’s perfectly detailed without being too busy or too colorful. It will make a perfect addition to any collectors display!

Dickens' Market Fruitstand Value SET
David Graham (Germantown, US)
Great Addition

A sale prompted this purchase. Was looking for something small but nice to add to our family’s collection of Dickens Village Christmas collection. It arrived in a timely fashion and packaging was excellent. It will be added this Christmas. Just what I was looking for.