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  • Quick View Bread Of The Dead  - Country N More Gifts
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    Bread Of The Dead

    Bread of the Dead is a sweet bread that is baked during the Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It is a light and egg-y sweet bread...
  • Buddy's Ghost

    Buddy has gone to a better place, to the R.I.P. Cemetery , of course. This lighted accessory features Buddy as a pet ghost ready to haunt the neighborhood. Introduction: January 2023...
  • Quick View Cackling Crow Caravan  - Country N More Gifts Cackling Crow Caravan  - Country N More Gifts
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    Cackling Crow Caravan

    Delappitated and unkept, this trailer has been parked a little too long! The old hag who owns this trailer is most happy on Halloween when it seems to be a...
  • Quick View Calming The Bees  - Country N More Gifts
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    Calming The Bees

    Our beekeeper, appropriately dressed for protection uses a smoker to calm the bees when harvesting the honeycombs from the hive. Introduction: 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 3.23 in H x 2.32...
  • Castle Calvaria

    Castle Calvaria can be translated from the Latin to Skull Castle. And this piece truly lives up to its name, there are skulls everywhere -- under the drawbridge, on the...
  • Celia's Cellar

    Department 56 Celia's Cellar Item 6005477. New for 2020. From Snow Village Halloween Series Lit Buildings & Accessories at -  In Witch Hallow, Celia runs the wine cellar, with the expertise that only an older witch can....
  • Quick View Crow Hag  - Country N More Gifts
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    Crow Hag

    Surrounded by her besties, the old Crow Hag enjoys feeding the birds her special birdseed mix. Introduction: 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 3.75 in H x 2.375 in W x 2.5...
  • Quick View Cryptic Cave Crystals  - Country N More Gifts Cryptic Cave Crystals  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -30%

    Cryptic Cave Crystals

    Customers can enter this business to buy a mysterious crystal. Some bring good luck, others can cast a spell. The piece is another circular building with a witch hat roof...
  • Disneyland Haunted Hearse

    The Disneyland Haunted Hearse is the perfect addition to the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. The hearse was added to the landscape outside the mansion in the 1990s and features a phantom...
  • Disneyland Haunted Mansion - Resin

    Inspired by the "Haunted Mansion" at Disneyland, this detailed jack-o-lantern festooned Victorian mansion hides some spooky adventures for those who enter. Made of polyresin, hand-painted, and includes a switched light...
  • Disneyland Haunted Mansion Gate

    Welcome both foolish mortals & grim grinning ghosts to the Haunted Mansion. Gates are open 8am-8pm daily…but don't get caught inside after closing. Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 4.75...
  • Eat More Brains

    Designed to accompany Taco Tombsday Taco Truck , this zombie is having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch tacos, or brains?! Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 3.8in H...
  • Quick View Elvira On Set  - Country N More Gifts
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    Elvira On Set

    Quite on the set! One last look in the mirror and Elvira's ready for her close-up. Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures 3.8 in H
  • Quick View Elvira's Celebrity Trailer  - Country N More Gifts Elvira's Celebrity Trailer  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -30%

    Elvira's Celebrity Trailer

    Elvira has not emerged from her personal trailer. She definitely has made herself at home here with a leopard print awning and silver cobwebs. Spooky! The piece includes its own...
  • Quick View Elvira's Macabre Mobile  - Country N More Gifts
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    Elvira's Macabre Mobile

    Elvira's ride has been customized with leopard print seats and a personalized licensed plate in the back. Only Elvira rides in this kind of style! Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures Measurements...
  • Quick View Esmeralda's Shoe Shop  - Country N More Gifts Esmeralda's Shoe Shop  - Country N More Gifts
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    Esmeralda's Shoe Shop

    The sisters of Witch Hollow agree, every stylish witch needs a few basic accessories:  An elaborate hat, a decorative broom, and a fantastic pair of shoes that will make all...
  • Explosive Skullduggery

    These two unscrupulous pirates are preparing to launch a skull from their ancient iron cannon, such skullduggery behavior is typical for pirates of the Caribbean. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 3in...
  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

    From the Halloween Series of Snow Village from Department 56. The haunts of this grouping will give you shivers of excitement. Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble, Hand-crafted & hand-painted ceramic...
  • Go Polars!

    Let's cheer for the team, Go Polars! Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 3.66in H x 1.97in W x 2.13in L 3.66in H View all the Halloween Village
  • Quick View Honey Hive  - Country N More Gifts Honey Hive  - Country N More Gifts
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    Honey Hive

    Honey is a tasty fall treat and now you can add this sweet roadside stand to your fall display. It features many varieites of fresh harvested honey products. And peeking...
  • Honey Hive Value Set of 3

    2022 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from the “Halloween Village” Series consists of “Honey Hive“, “Calming The Bees“, and “Bee Friendly Signs” to compliment your display. A $249.00 value for...
  • Quick View If It Doesn't Kill You...  - Country N More Gifts
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    If It Doesn't Kill You...

    They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but perhaps eating at Upchuck's wasn't the best choice. Introduction: 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 3.875 in H x 2.75 in W...
  • Quick View Lighting Wicked Waxes  - Country N More Gifts
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    Lighting Wicked Waxes

    Lighting the giant street candles takes special skills and tools! Village Figures 3.375 in H Measurements of Product 3.375 in H x 2.5 in W x 4 in L Power Features Battery...
  • Lit Graveyard Ghost

    Special lit effect illuminates this ghost in the graveyard. Village Figures 3.58 in H Coordinates With: 4056701 The Haunted Cemetery Shed View all items from Snow village  
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The Sweetest Gift

Bought this from Country n More Gifts, for my daughter. It arrived as described on their website, brand new in the box. Great purchase

Viva l'Italia - Italian Gnome
MARY ANNE MILAK (North Las Vegas, US)
Looks like Christmas but a year-round treasure.

An Italian gnome--what's not to love? From his cheerful colors to his coliseum hat, this little guy will put a smile on your face. No one does color and detail like Jim Shore. This gnome will have pride of place on my hutch next to Shore's Italian Santa this holiday season, but long after Christmas is put away, he will be my "gnome on the shelf" reminding me to celebrate friends and family with a glass of wine.


Love this Jim Shore snowman. Will enjoy it it in years to come!

Ghostbusters Library
Jy (Wyandotte, US)

The lights in windows are all one color.
Being one color it doesn’t let the ghost in middle window stand out. Kinda hard to even tell there’s anything in the window.
Building is beautiful! Just was hoping lights in windows were not all same color purple/pink not as seen as 2 different colors in ads.

Fast Friends
G.H. (San Francisco, US)
Fast Friends

I loved this accessory to my Dickens Village. It was received in perfect condition and can't wait to put it on display. I have a barn and purchased cows one year. This will fit right in.