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  • Quick View The Chester House  - Country N More Gifts The Chester House  - Country N More Gifts
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    The Chester House

    Todd and Margo Chester get an unexpected surprise when the Griswold's Christmas tree makes an unannounced visit through the living room window. Lighted Buildings NATIONAL LAMPOON`S CHRISTMAS VACATION Measurements of...
  • Quick View Clark, Gone...  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -27%

    Clark, Gone...

    That squirrel is outta here! Snots has successfully chased the squirrel right out of the tree and into the arms of, who else, Margo! Village Figures Measurements of Product 3.23...
  • Quick View I'm In Complete Control!  - Country N More Gifts I'm In Complete Control!  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -32%

    I'm In Complete Control!

    Clark does believe that he is in complete control of the situation when the "Family Truckster" slides under the bed of the 18 - wheeler. Introduction: January 2022 NATIONAL LAMPOON`S CHRISTMAS...
  • Disneyland Haunted Mansion Gate

    Welcome both foolish mortals & grim grinning ghosts to the Haunted Mansion. Gates are open 8am-8pm daily…but don't get caught inside after closing. Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 4.75...
  • The Singing Busts Set of 5

    The five busts appear in the graveyard sequence singing Grim Grinning Ghosts. The lead singer of the group comes in the form of Uncle Theodore, whose bust is damaged and...
  • Quick View The Mummy House  - Country N More Gifts The Mummy House  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -23%

    The Mummy House

    The newest addition to Trick-or-Treat Lane is The Mummy House. This lighted piece is an homage to the many versions of the Mummy, starting with the first movie made in...
  • Quick View Knight Bus  - Country N More Gifts Knight Bus  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -13%

    Knight Bus

    Operating at a very fast speed & deceptively fitting through small spaces a ride on the Knight Bus cost eleven sickles regardless of the distance. Just stick up your wand...
  • Quick View Imposing Monuments Set of 3  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -20%

    Imposing Monuments Set of 3

    Add these larger tombstones to your spooky graveyard. Made of resin, you will want several sets. Introduction: 2022 Village Halloween Accessories Measurements of Product 4.5 in H x 4 in W x...
  • Quick View Rachel's Retreat & Spa  - Country N More Gifts Rachel's Retreat & Spa  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -25%

    Rachel's Retreat & Spa

    Even the witches of Witch Hollow deserve a little time for relaxation. hey all head to Rachel's Retreat & Spa for the classic wart enhancement and green goo facial. Introduction: 2022...
  • Mummies Parade Set of 2

    This pair of mummies are really wrapped up in their costumes and ready to scare the daylights out of the trick-or-treaters they pass. Introduction: 2022 Village Halloween Accessories 3.5 in H...
  • Quick View Leaky Cauldron  - Country N More Gifts Leaky Cauldron  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -13%

    Leaky Cauldron

    A popular wizarding pub & inn located in London. The rear of the pub opens up onto a courtyard that contains the entrance to Diagon Alley as well as Knockturn...
  • Quick View Santa Comes To Town 2022  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -12%

    Santa Comes To Town 2022

    An annual accessory series starting in 1995, "Santa Comes To Town" 2022 features Santa feeding one of the newest members of the reindeer herd. Each accessory is dated somewhere on...
  • Quick View R&R Before The Witching Hour  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -14%

    R&R Before The Witching Hour

    At "Rachel's Retreat & Spa" a soothing soak in the pumpkin foot bath is a must. Watch out, the soaker pumpkin is bubbling and boiling! Introduction: 2022 Village Figures Measurements of...
  • Quick View Mommy Treats  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -15%

    Mommy Treats

    Great all wrapped up this Halloween for Trick-or-Treating with these classic coordinating mummy costumes. Introduction: 2022 Village Figures Measurements of Product 4.53 in H x 2.76 in W x 3.74 in L...
  • Quick View Hogwart's Gate  - Country N More Gifts
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    Hogwart's Gate

    Located just a short distance from Hogsmeade Station, the gates would be opened on the first day of term. The winged boars on top of the gates are said to...
  • Cardinal Christmas Snowman

    These cheery red cardinals could not resist the broad smile on the hand painted snowman standing tall and proud in the front yard. The piece measures 3" tall and is...
  • Central Perk - Platinum

    Friends brought us so much: laughs, The Rachel, a love of a good coffee in a shop with a sofa... and heaps and heaps of phrases that we can use...
  • Cardinal Christmas Bird Feeder

    Nailed atop a birch stump, the birdfeeder attracts cardinals and other winter-loving birds to rest and feed. Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures 3.5 in H Measurements of Product 3.5 in H x...
  • Sorry? Not...

    Kitties can be naughty! This one has "rearranged" the parts of the snowman, and she seems pretty pleased with herself! Introduction: January 2022 Village Figures 1.625 in H Measurements of Product 1.625...
  • Set of 10 Halloween Crows

    Set of 10 Crows. Each bird is fixed on a bendable wire making them easy to position. Introduction: 2022 Village Halloween Accessories Measurements of Product 1.65 in H x 1.25 in W...
  • Quick View Norny's Ornament House  - Country N More Gifts Norny's Ornament House  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -21%

    Norny's Ornament House

    This new residence at the North Pole is the ultimate in upcycling! Norny has turned a shiny red ornament, complete with a signature brass hanger and tag, into his new...
  • Gingerbread Bakery

    Mrs. Claus and all the elves buy their holiday baked goods and the "Gingerbread Bakery" where even the outside of the building looks good enough to eat! The gingerbread walls...
  • Christmas Quilts

    This cozy A-Frame is home to the North Pole "Christmas Quilts" shop. Inside elves are cutting and stitching some of the most beautiful Christmas quilts that will be used to...
  • Hogsmeade Station

    Hogsmeade Station is a tiny, dark platform where the Hogwarts Express ends its journey north from Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters in London and where all Hogwarts student arrive on their way to...
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The Sweetest Gift

Bought this from Country n More Gifts, for my daughter. It arrived as described on their website, brand new in the box. Great purchase

Viva l'Italia - Italian Gnome
MARY ANNE MILAK (North Las Vegas, US)
Looks like Christmas but a year-round treasure.

An Italian gnome--what's not to love? From his cheerful colors to his coliseum hat, this little guy will put a smile on your face. No one does color and detail like Jim Shore. This gnome will have pride of place on my hutch next to Shore's Italian Santa this holiday season, but long after Christmas is put away, he will be my "gnome on the shelf" reminding me to celebrate friends and family with a glass of wine.


Love this Jim Shore snowman. Will enjoy it it in years to come!

Ghostbusters Library
Jy (Wyandotte, US)

The lights in windows are all one color.
Being one color it doesn’t let the ghost in middle window stand out. Kinda hard to even tell there’s anything in the window.
Building is beautiful! Just was hoping lights in windows were not all same color purple/pink not as seen as 2 different colors in ads.

Fast Friends
G.H. (San Francisco, US)
Fast Friends

I loved this accessory to my Dickens Village. It was received in perfect condition and can't wait to put it on display. I have a barn and purchased cows one year. This will fit right in.