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  • Fastest Belly-Whopper in the World - Frosty and Karen Sledding

    4058188Fastest Belly-Whopper in the World - Frosty and Karen SleddingUPC: 045544923644
  • Fetch a Frosty Friend - Snowman with Puppy

    This charming Snowman with Puppy is a delightful meeting of wintry friends. Colorfully decorated in handcrafted detail, this whimsical features Jim Shore's unique combination of quilt patterns and rosemaling design....
  • Frosty And Karen - Karen Putting Hat On Frosty

    Karen’s about to get a big surprise! Balancing on a stool, she places a magic hat on Frosty’s head not realizing the act will bring him to life. Handcrafted in...
  • Frosty and Karen Sledding Orn

    Catch ‘em if you can! In “Frosty the Snowman,” Frosty and Karen escape the clutches of an evil magician by diving down the hill, the fastest belly-whopper in the world!...
  • Frosty And Santa - Frosty And Santa Hugging

    Santa brings Frosty back to life after the overheated snowman made a real splash in the greenhouse. The two jolly figures celebrate the miracle of Christmas in this handcrafted design...
  • Frosty and Woodland Friends - Frosty The Snowman

    Frosty’s woodland friends can hardly believe he’s real! Hand-carved with traditional folk art motifs, this stone resin figurine is a beautiful ode to a beloved holiday classic. Every detail is...
  • Frosty Holding Karen Ornament - Frosty The Snowman

    4058193Frosty Holding Karen Ornament - Frosty The SnowmanUPC: 045544923699
  • Frosty The Snowman - Frosty With Broom

    Frosty waves a friendly hello in this handcrafted design by Jim Shore. The beloved character is intricately sculpted from high-quality stone resin and finished with colorful folk art motifs. He...
  • Frosty with Broom Ornament - Frosty The Snowman

    4058192Frosty with Broom Ornament - Frosty The SnowmanUPC: 045544923682
  • Frosty With Parade Scene - Marching Frosty w/Parade Scene

    Frosty leads Karen and friends on a joyful parade to the train station surprising more than a few townspeople on the way! Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, this 8” handcrafted...
  • Frosty, Karen And Hocus Pocus

    This handcrafted design by Jim Shore will take you straight back to the first time you watch the beloved tale of “Frosty the Snowman.” Full of magic and glee, the...
  • Happy Birthday - Frosty The Snowman

    4058187Happy Birthday - Frosty The SnowmanUPC: 045544923637
  • Hocus Pocus with Magic Hat - Frosty The Snowman

    4058194Hocus Pocus with Magic Hat - Frosty The SnowmanUPC: 045544923705
  • I'll Be Back on Christmas Day - Santa Frosty the Snowman and Karen Sleigh

    4058189I'll Be Back on Christmas Day - Santa Frosty the Snowman and Karen SleighUPC: 045544923651
  • Jolly Frosty - Jolly Frosty The Snowman Ornament

    Look at Frosty go! The world’s most celebrated snowman strikes a happy pose in this handcrafted design by Jim Shore. Whimsical folk art motifs decorate the stone resin ornament, hand-painted...
  • Santa Ornament - Frosty The Snowman

    4058195Santa Ornament - Frosty The SnowmanUPC: 045544923712
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