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  • Snots On The Run

    The story is not complete without Snots, Cousin Eddie's Rottweiler dog. He takes after the squirrel, upsetting the whole front-yard scene! Introduced July 2019 Coordinates with Snow Village Christmas Vacation...
  • Quick View Aunt Bethany - Play Ball!  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -28%

    Aunt Bethany - Play Ball!

    A patriotic Aunt Bethany pauses under the flagpole to say “grace”.  She may have a few screws loose and her fashion sense is a few decades out of style, but...
  • Quick View Aunt Bethany's House  - Country N More Gifts Aunt Bethany's House  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -20%

    Aunt Bethany's House

    Aunt Bethany has become a fan-favorite character from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s no surprise that her house matches Aunt Bethany’s eclectic and colorful personality. Introduction: January 2019 Lighted Buildings 8.07...
  • Snowy Jack Pine Trees

    9 in H Materials Paper, Plastic, Iron, Polyester Measurements of Product 9 in H x 1 in W x 9 in L UPC Code 028399137763
  • Christmas Packages

    1 in H Materials Stone Resin Measurements of Product 1 in H x 0.75 in W x 0.75 in L UPC Code 028399128624
  • Gringotts Bank

    Established in the 1400s by Gringott, the one and only banks in the Wizarding World is operated by goblins. Lighted Buildings 10.16 in H Electrical: Standard cord and bulb Meticulously...
  • Quick View 2019 Village Brochure  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -54%

    2019 Village Brochure

    2019 Village Brochure - 4062127 - New for 2019 - From Department 56 Alpine Village & Accessories Collection 11 in H Materials Paper Measurements of Product 11 in H x 8.5 in...
  • Snape & McGonagall

    Set of 2 enhances the cast of professors at Hogwarts. Introduction: January 2019 Village Figures 3.5 in H Measurements of Product 3.5 in H x 1.8 in W x 2.4 in L...
  • Eeylops Owl Emporium

    It was Harry’s 11th birthday, July 31st, 1991 when Rubeus Hagrid brought Harry to Eeylops Owl Emporium to buy him his pet, Hedwig. Since then, the Snowy Hedwig has become...
  • Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

    Older brothers to Ron, the Weasley twins, Fred and George created their joke shop business with products “guaranteed to cause a wheeze”. Located at 93 Diagon Alley, wonders such as...
  • Ukrainian Ironbelly

    Ironbelly dragons are the largest breed. Designed and sized with a base that fits on top of Gringotts Bank. Village Figures 7.01 in H Coordinates With: Gringotts Bank Meticulously hand...
  • Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

    Astronomy Tower compliments the Great House and completes Hogwarts, the school of wizardry. Introduction: January 2019 Lighted Buildings 12.2 in H Measurements of Product 12.2 in H x 9.06 in W x...
  • Oogie Boogie Gives a Spin

    Watch Oogie Boogie give the giant wheel a spin, and your Nightmare Before Christmas scene will come to life. 4.33 in H Measurements of Product 4.33 in H x 3.74 in...
  • Fred & George Weasley

    Introduction: January 2019 3.1 in H Measurements of Product 3.1 in H x 1.2 in W x 2 in L UPC Code 028399137879 Coordinates with:6003328 - The Burrow - Click here to View...
  • Christmas In a Wagon

    Village General Accessory 1.5 in H Materials Paper, Stone Resin Measurements of Product 1.5 in H x 0.75 in W x 1.5 in L UPC Code 028399128617
  • Brite Lites Holiday House

    Charming brick bungalow is decked for the holidays, and is the newest home on Christmas Lane. Featuring bright multi-colored lights, flocked trees, and “Seasons Greetings” flashing sign on the roof...
  • Lit Ghosts

    A trio of spooky ghosts that glow with ethereal light, ready to haunt the dark alleys and tombstone rows of your Halloween Village. 2.75 in H Measurements of Product 2.75 in...
  • Quick View Mickey's Balloon Inflators  - Country N More Gifts Mickey's Balloon Inflators  - Country N More Gifts
    SALE -21%

    Mickey's Balloon Inflators

    Lighted Buildings 6.75 in H Materials Metal, Resin, Porcelain, UL Cord, Plastic Minimum Order Qty 4 EA min Measurements of Product 6.75 in H x 6.75 in W x 8 in L Power...
  • The Burrow

    Since Ron Weasley is one of Harry’s best friends at Hogwarts, the Weasley family dwelling became a second home to Harry. A truly magical house, this 5-story humble abode becomes...
  • You Look Batastic!

    Dad grabs a pic before this little bat flies off for a fun night of trick-or-treating. Measurements of Product 1 in H x 0.4 in W x 1.9 in L UPC...
  • Flue Who's Fireplace Place

    Lighted Buildings 8.5 in H Materials Resin, Porcelain Minimum Order Qty 4 EA min Measurements of Product 8.5 in H x 7.5 in W x 7 in L Power Features Standard Light Cord w/...
  • Pool Fantasy

    Without his Christmas bonus, Griswold’s biggest fantasy, the backyard pool, will be down the drain. Until the check arrives, we bring the dream to life, as the perfect addition to...
  • Mickey's Head In The Clouds

    Village Figures 6 in H Materials Stone Resin, Metal Wire Minimum Order Qty 4 EA min Measurements of Product 6 in H x 3.5 in W x 3.5 in L UPC Code 028399160242
  • Little Flue Who

    Village Figures 4 in H Materials Stone Resin, Metal Minimum Order Qty 4 EA min Measurements of Product 4 in H x 1.75 in W x 2.5 in L UPC Code 028399137695
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1552 reviews
Just adorable

This sweet little angel could not be cuter. She was the perfect Valentine gift and accent with other Valentine decor. I just love her.

Grinch on Train
Joseph Fusic (Kearny, US)
Jim Shore Grinch

Another great piece for the collection!! Awesome details and overall quality.

Cats Love Shiny Things
Rob Schuler (Pasco, US)
Wife Loves

It took forever to get here. Ordered before Christmas and it was not in stock. Had to wait for the manufacturer to send more. It got here in Feb. The Countrynmore gifts did warn me. I guess it worked out though I gave it as Valentines instead of Christmas. She loved it so it all worked out!

Cute As A Bug - Ladybug Gnome
M.S. (Brookston, US)
Cute as a bug it was!

I am really enjoying the Cute As A Bug Ladybug Gnome. It is the perfect size and is sitting my kitchen window.

Rainbow Bridge Photo Frame
G.W. (Le Center, US)
Rainbow Bridge frame

This is so meaningful and our picture of our beloved Boston Terrier whom we lost in October will be just right.