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Department 56 yearly additions - Mid Year, April 2018 Releases.  This year additions include the favorite Holiday Special Gift Sets Welcoming Christmas, available from Dickens, North Pole & Snow Village.  The theme for the 2018 Giftsets depicts a wonderful old-world tradition of leaving a candle in the window as a welcome sign.  The solf glow illuminating a frosty pane acts a beacon, a gentle signal "We're waiting for you".... Also returning from the Halloween collection - "Rest in Peace, 2018" and Haunted Rails "Witch Hollow Supply Car" - the final car in the series.
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  • 2018 Dickens Gift Set, Welcoming Christmas

    A Coaching House was also called a coaching inn, and was a vital part of transportation and the infrastructure of England until the rail systems were fully up and running....
  • 2018 North Pole Gift Set, Welcoming Christmas

    One of the favorite places to stay when visiting North Pole is the Candle-Light Inn. The giant lit candle sign, directs travelers in, while a candle in each window welcomes...
  • 2018 Snow Village Gift Set, Welcoming Christmas

    When it comes to holiday decorations, bigger is not always better. Sometimes the prettiest house on the block is the one with a candle in every window. The soft glow...
  • 2018 Village & Snowbaby Mid Year Brochure

    Flip Book includes all Village and Snowbabies mid year introductions.
  • A Proud Hippogriff, Indeed

    Hagrid, half human, half giant, is the Keeper of the Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts. His kind-hearted personality allows him a strong relationship with the Hippogriffs, a mythological creature of...
  • B Sweet Shop

    B Sweet Shop has been designed as a fitting tribute to Ed Bazinet, the founder of Department 56. We will hand number each piece with a special limited edition of...
  • Birthday Party Surprise

    After a day at the office, this Dad is delighted to be bringing home cake and balloon. Acrylic cover tops the cake, showcasing the Happy Birthday message below.
  • Brookshire Cottage Orn

    Hanging Ornament 3.03 in H Also Available in Pre-pack(s)
  • Charcoal Grinding Building

    Hard Sugar Maple wood is burned several times a week to create an all important ingredient for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. After the burn, the charcoal is finished at the...
  • Charcoal Grinding Building And Jack On The Rocks SET

    2018 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from “Jack Daniels” Series consists of “Charcoal Grinding Building,” And “Jack On The Rocks.” A $137.50 value for $110.00 - Plus Free...
  • Chasing The Snitch

    Harry Potter proves himself in a game of Quidditch. Animated effect features Harry, riding his broomstick, while chasing the golden snitch. Quidditch has been played at Hogwarts for nearly 1000...
  • Coca Cola Soda Fountain And Have A Coke And A Smile SET

    2018 Department 56 Value Sets! This bundle set from “North Pole” Series consists of “Coca Cola Soda Fountain,” And “Have A Coke And A Smile.” A $93.50 value for $70.00...
  • Coca-Cola Soda Fountain

    Coca-Cole Soda Fountain offers a fun-filled place to pause and refresh. Outdoor seating may seem like an icy cold way to enjoy a coke, but Santa's elves are so busy...
  • Dickens Silver Series Orns PPK

    Includes 1 each of the Silver Series Dickens' Village Ornaments
  • Easter Sweets House

    Pink with a chocolate colored, candy dotted tiled roof. Eggs adorn the tree and line the window boxes. Decorative bunnies flank the door and the color pallet screams Easter.
  • Gomez And Morticia

    The leaders of our family, Gomez and Morticia strike a classic pose, creating the perfect complimentary accessory for the house.
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Adorable Friends

I love the snowman's face. The way his head is tilted looking down at Squirrel's face and the way the snowman's branch of a hand is touching the little squirrel. And of course you have this rabbit and a raccoon who are the best buddies to help their friend Squirrel with a face-to-face moment with their frosty friend.

Sales helps!

Very pleased with the sale of this item. Thanks!

Snow Village Santa (Dated)

Yearly purchase for my sister

North Pole

Always enjoy purchases from Country N More Gifts

Stacked Snow Family Ornament

Good product, price,service and great delivery time.