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  • Disneyland Haunted Hearse

    The Disneyland Haunted Hearse is the perfect addition to the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. The hearse was added to the landscape outside the mansion in the 1990s and features a phantom...
  • The Silver Bullet - 25th Anniversary

    Full moon or not, the Pesky Werewolf Control Unit is taking no chances while transporting its newest capture! A special edition for the 25th Anniversary of our SV Halloween series,...
  • The Kraken House

    In Scandinavian folklore, the Kraken is a legendary sea monster of enormous size with an octopus-like appearance & is know to strike fear into the hearts of sailors. In SV...
  • The Corn Creeper

    If you go out in the field, just after dark, beware of the Corn Creeper . He is waiting for you! Village Figures 6in H
  • 2023 Village Brochure

    Brochure features all NEW items plus all active items.
  • Rest In Peace, 2023

    Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the popular dated Crypts, Rest in Peace, 2023 will contain a special bottom stamp to mark the anniversary. Introduction: January 2023 Battery Operated 2-C Required Lighted...
  • Werewolf Hunter - 25th Anniversary

    With a silver bullet at the ready, the Werewolf Hunter stands poised as a sniper ready to intervene should the hulking beast try to escape its transport. A special edition...
  • Madame Laveau

    Inspired by the real Madame Laveau, a Voodoo practitioner from the early 19th century in New Orleans, this accessory was designed to accompany Rest in Peace, 2023 dated crypt. Introduction: January...
  • Every Who's Ribbon & Bows

    The Every-Who's Ribbons & Bows Shop wears a bright red bow just like the one that Cindy Lou Who wears. We bet that she bought it here! Lighted Buildings 6.93in...
  • Cindy Lou Who's Surprise

    A new bow, just for ME? exclaims Cindy Lou as her mother gives her an early Christmas present. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 3.25in H x 1.5in W x 1.5in L...
  • Who-ville Christmas Deliveries

    Traveling down the crooked streets of Who-Ville the Who-Ville Christmas Deliveries truck has set out to start making some extra special deliveries for Christmas. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures 4in H...
  • Scary Cats Pumpkins ST/2

    Black Scary Cats & Pumpkins are two of the most used symbols for Halloween. You may want to add a couple sets of these throughout your Village to create that...
  • Double Trouble

    This very traditional witch, dressed all in black with her black cat, broom stick and pointed hat, is a spooky addition to your Halloween display. You can almost hear her...
  • Ichabod Crane

    Halloween wasn't a thing back in the 1820's when the Legend of Sleepy Hollow was written. The story is set in a secluded village known as Sleepy Hollow about a...
  • Gunpowder

    Gunpowder is the horse lent to Ichabod Crane by Hans Van Ripper. Village Figures Measurements: 3.2in H x 2.6in W x 4.2in L Sleepy Hollow
  • Vintage Pumpkins St/5

    With classic designs from the 1950s and 1960s, these Vintage Pumpkins will add a little color and charm to your Halloween Village display. This set of 5 can be used...
  • A Perfect Gift For Snots

    Snots couldn't help himself to a fresh bucket of worms! Part of National Lampoon's A Christmas Vacation Snow Village Collection. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 1.25in H x 1.5in W x...
  • Ichabod Crane's House

    Ultimately demised by the Headless Horseman, lanky and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, and his temperamental plough horse, Gunpowder, daringly call home a ramshackle cottage in the heart of the spell-bound...
  • Wolfman's Howl

    Based on an 18th century German tale, our Wolfman's Howl will scare the socks off you! Village Figures 3.7in H
  • Dementor

    The Dementor guards the wizard prison, Azkaban, until the return of the antagonist, Lord Voldemort. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 4.25in H x 2.25in W x 2.25in L 4.25in H View...
  • X Marks The Spot

    Dressed as pirates, this father and son duo are following a treasure map to find where the Kraken has struck! This accessory was designed to accompany The Kraken House. Introduction: January...
  • Buddy's Ghost

    Buddy has gone to a better place, to the R.I.P. Cemetery , of course. This lighted accessory features Buddy as a pet ghost ready to haunt the neighborhood. Introduction: January 2023...
  • Flourish and Blotts

    Flourish and Blotts Bookseller was a bookshop in North Side, Diagon Alley, about halfway down the street on the left hand side. It was where most Hogwarts students purchased their schoolbooks. Introduction: January 2023 Lighted Buildings...
  • Gingerbread Button Treats

    Stop in and sample some of the finest button treats before adding them to your gingerbread house. Introduction: January 2023 Village Figures Measurements: 1.61in H x 1.14in W x 0.94in L 1.61in...
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1516 reviews

Such a cute decoration! It is small as stated in description, but really fun.

Cindy Lou Who's Surprise
Donna Castleberry (Birmingham, US)
Love it

A must have for ur whoville village goes perfect with the Ribbon's and Bow house
Just love it

Who-ville Christmas Deliveries
Donna Castleberry (Birmingham, US)
Love it

So pretty for ur who-ville village love it

Every Who's Ribbon & Bows
Donna Castleberry (Birmingham, US)
Love it

This who-ville house is so colorful and pretty
Just perfect for ur whoville village

Beautiful Ornament

As always, Jim Shore does not disappoint.