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  • The Three Lemons Inn

    Travel by horse-drawn carriage was long and slow in the 1800s. The Three Lemons Inn was a welcome place to rest for the evening. Travelers enjoyed a warm meal in...
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House

    Considered one of the best examples of his prairie style architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House was built in the Hyde Park neighborhood near Chicago. Completed in 1910, Robie House...
  • Santa Comes To Town, 2018

    Dated annual captures Santa reading some of the many letters he receives while compiling the naughty and nice lists. Includes battery pack to light the table top lantern. Spy the...
  • Rest in Peace, 2018

    Sixth in a continuing series. Limited to Year of Production. Dated 2018 above the door. The perfect complement to the 2017 set, or as stand alone, this set of 4...
  • The Skeleton House

    Trick-or-Treat lanes newest house. At the Skeleton House, the creepy, boney figures are taking over. Skeletons in the window and sculls peeking from the brightly lit hedge add to the...
  • The Haunted Cemetery Shed

    The most horrifying place on Halloween night: the cemetery next to the Haunted Church. This cemetery shed holds tools, a wheelbarrow, coffins, headstones and decorative flowers, all used as the...
  • Bringing The Bones

    Zombie brings a wheelbarrow full of fresh ‘Premium Grade Bones’ to the mill. Village Figures 3.25 in H
  • Jack On Spiral Hill

    The icon scene for Nightmare features Jack on the hill, with the full moon rising in the background. This year, Disney celebrates the 25th anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas. Extra...
  • Bone Jovi

    Our three skeletons have started a rock band, and they've chosen a great name -- Bone Jovi! Rock on boys, rock on! Village General Accessory 4.06 in H
  • Tricky Treats

    Dare you to grab a candy before the hand in the sneaky bowl grabs you.
  • The Bone Grinder Mill

    Even skeletons agree, if excess bones are taking up your space, bring them to the bone grinder mill. Deliveries are accepted via the hillside entrance. Animated blades turn, making bone...
  • Shopping On Park Avenue

    Dressed up alike, this mother – daughter duo heads downtown to complete their holiday shopping. Village Figures 2.68 in H
  • A Present For Clark

    Cousin Eddie sets out to capture the curmudgeon in charge, and make Clark’s latest Christmas wish come true. This ceramic accessory is handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village....
  • Black Light Bat Cave

    With fluorescent paint on the interior and LED black lights, the bat cave has a lot of eeriness going on! A dismembered skeleton on the floor adds to this haunted...
  • Birthday Party Surprise

    After a day at the office, this Dad is delighted to be bringing home cake and balloon. Acrylic cover tops the cake, showcasing the Happy Birthday message below.
  • Toad Fountain

    The haunted town square needed a fountain, and the Toad Fountain with its green foam and acrylic water is the perfect centerpiece. Village General Accessory 4.21 in H
  • Animated Nightmare

    It definitely would be a nightmare for anyone to get caught in the spider's giant web. The spider moves and the victim squirms to try to get away. The set...
  • Stems & Vines Garden House

    This elegant florist becomes quite busy during the holidays in Christmas In The City. Peek through the acrylic topped greenhouse to find bright red poinsettias waiting to be brought home...
  • Lucky The Snowman, 2018

    Village General Accessory 2.5 in H
  • Scary Ghost Catcher

    LED lit accessory features back pack contraption allowing the ghost catcher to capture and hold ghosts until they are secured in the train car.
  • Mistletoe Farm Rabbit Hutch

    Village General Accessory 2 in H
  • The One That Got Away

    If you nap through the excitement, you’ll never know how big the fish was! Village Figures 2.32 in H Coordinates With: 4056685 Home Away From Home Fish Shack Series: Snow...
  • Victorian Sign Painter

    With signage elevated high upon a pole, the advertisement could be seen from down the lane. Bells would ring in the breeze, drawing attention to the hand painted message above....
  • Buck's Fish Shack

    The ice village in Snow Village continues to grow with Buck’s Fish Shack. Buck spends many an afternoon on the ice. Check out the sculpted tool, including ice augur and...
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I’m so in love with my order and the price I paid. Thank you so very much. A happy customer.

Was suppose to get 3 adaptors and got 1.Called immediately and spoke to a young lady and she said they would send them because they still had 2 in stock.Still have not heard back or seen them shipped.Been a steady customer for 5 years.Please advise

What a nice and colorful piece that will go well with my Halloween Village.

Nice piece to add to my DV. It will fit in with the bigger structures just fine


Fantastic Item, Just as Described, Quick Ship, Highly Recommended! A+++++++++++++